At TimeWarp Festival, our aim is to create a fun, family friendly environment. The event is organised and operated by volunteers who share a passion for fun, community, and Kustom Kulture. Good times are encouraged – unruly behaviour is not. Festival organisers retain the right to evict and confiscate items from patrons who act disorderly. Please respect our neighbours and our town, and do not create excessive noise, drop litter or vandal property. You must act in an orderly manner when entering, enjoying, and leaving the Festival and we do not tolerate unruly, offensive or inappropriate behaviour.

TimeWarp Festival is an alchohol-free event. QLD Police and TimeWarp officials will be preventing the consumption of alcohol outside licensed premises.

TimeWarp Festival is a not-for-profit event. Entry is $10 per adult paid at the gate. Kids party for free here. All proceeds are invested back into the community, leading to a better environment for all of us.

Where's the action:

Palmwoods Main Street 3rd May 2020